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Green Technologies


The Green Technology movement is directly linked to, not only renewable energy sources, but also to using our current electrical technology more efficiently and effectively. Danco Electrical Contractors of Raleigh is an active proponent of better electrical design and leveraging the new products that enter the electrical contracting marketplace. We have experience with solar energy installations and conducting energy audits to determine optimal energy utilization and energy ‘leaks’. We also have wide access to the evolving technology and products.

Energy Audits

Danco offers comprehensive assessments of energy utilization and energy leak points.

Danco routinely conducts energy audits to monitor energy utilization and metering accuracy for Commercial and Industrial customers. Our energy audits are also used to determine utility allocations, assess peak usage, and appropriate zoning and hours of operation.

Examples of our energy audits include:

  • Lighting
  • Equipment and motor efficiency
  • Load capacity and compatibility with operating parameters
  • Shut down sequencing and hours of operation
  • Motor controls
  • Lighting efficiency and control systems
  • Excessive lighting (foot candles)

Efficiency Upgrades

Efficiency upgrades include a full complement of ideas and supporting design and installation available to lower utility costs.

Green technologies have disclosed a host of energy-efficient upgrades beyond switching our incandescent bulbs. Check out the Danco Difference when it comes to valuable insight concerning design solutions. We actively engage Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) concepts and can provide straight-forward suggestion to upgrade and retrofit for energy efficiency.

Energy Consulting

Before buying the next piece of equipment (HVAC, generators) let us show the lifecycle costs and pros and cons list.

Danco’s electricians, in conjunction with our engineering partners, delivers excellent consulting advice and insight for any new project or project involving significant changes to power generation and distribution. Please feel free to send inquiries to

Case Study

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Solar Panel Installation

icon-overview Overview:

DANCO installed a multi-array solar panel assembly for a global pharmaceutical leader that completely powered a 4-story office facility on sunny days. The power system allowed shunting between solar and utility power to offset energy costs.

icon-challenges Challenges:

The biggest challenge is to schedule work around ongoing operations and insure the base staging and rigging were properly done to protect the sensitive solar panels.