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Industrial Generators


Today’s businesses have a host of critical power, computer, and telephone systems that often require emergency generator backup to remain operational during power outages and emergencies. Our certified staff is well equipped to perform generator installation and generator maintenance in Raleigh and surrounding areas. Power outages can result from inclement weather, construction error or simply an aging transformer, but with a reliable generator and reliable installation, you have the assurance that an interruption in electrical service does not translate to an interruption in business.

Industrial generators, almost instantaneously, detect power outages, assume the responsibility for power generation and quickly produce electricity to the most vital electrical systems. These systems could include security, refrigeration, lighting and heating. With the proper installation of a quality generator, a service entrance breaker also protects internal breakers and circuits against power surges from this transfer.

Generic Generators Dealer and Installation Experts

Danco Electrical Contractors of Raleigh is a certified Generac Generators dealer and an installation specialist. Generac is a widely recognized leader in electrical generator technology, and the name is synonymous with reliability for industrial, commercial and residential backup power applications.

Our expertise in industrial generator installations ensures all power cutover and modulation provides clean, electrical power to critical business systems. In industrial and commercial settings, generators can be critical and an essential piece of safeguard machinery. With Danco, you are guaranteed industrial generators will be operating correctly during unforeseen circumstances.

Industrial generators vary according to output and complexity. Contact our experts today to find one that serves your needs.