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Residential Generators


There are a host of power outages and emergencies in our geographic region – some are due to natural disasters, others man-made errors. At best, power outages are an inconvenience, but in many cases, power outages create anxiety and pose a challenging threat because power can be lost for minutes or days in duration. Danco Electric Contractors of Raleigh is a certified Generac Generators dealer and can guide you to find a generator that fits the needs of your home. Generic Generators is a widely recognized leader in back up generator technology and reliability, and our professional installation team ensures the quality equipment works properly when you need it most.

Power outages can mean spoiled food, loss of heating and air conditioning and a host of other problems. Residential generators remove the uncertainty associated with outages and offer a peace of mind. When a power outage strikes, residential generators provide an immediate power response to ensure your essential living utilities continue to function. In an area known for inclement weather, a residential generator is a wise investment for you and your family.

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Case Study

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Standby Generator Installation

icon-overview Overview:

Danco Electrical Contractors, Inc installed an 80 kW Standby Generator for large compound, installed a 50 KW Standby Generator for a private office space and renovated 14,000 square feet of power and fixtures (this was some house!).

icon-challenges Challenges:

The biggest challenge was to schedule work around a busy family with an active lifestyle. For this project, Danco carefully staged all phases of the project to correspond to ‘off hours’ and worked to minimize weekend intrusions.